Double Your Fat Loss, Build Lean Muscle, and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life in Just 5 Weeks During the New Year, New You Challenge!!

Get rid of those workout DVDs, throw out those diet books, and ignore everyone who says it is impossible…

Thanks to the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU Challenge, you can create a whole NEW YOU in just 5 weeks!

New Year, New You Challenge

Kick Off Meeting: Thursday, Jan 19 at 6pm-7pm

Start Date: Monday, Jan 23

End Date: Friday, Feb 24

5 Weeks of Training, Nutrition, Accountability and Coaching

 For as little as $79!

GRAND PRIZE: 2 FREE Months of Boot Camp Training

Think back to the last time you went on a diet or started an exercise program with the goal of losing some weight. You tortured yourself by restricting your calories and spending countless, boring hours on the treadmill.

You hated every minute of it, and even worse, you probably didn’t get the results you were looking for!

We have all been there, struggling to reach our fitness goals. We’ve all tried to find the next diet secret to help us lose that last 10 lbs, the new workout routine that burns fat off all those stubborn areas, or the diet pill that will miraculously burn fat while you sleep.

We have also seen those people who seem to have no problem getting in great shape. Somehow they know all the secrets, right?

They only exercise a few times a week, never seem to have to eat rabbit food to get lean, and they always have great energy.

What do they know that you don’t?

Well, today we are going to share that secret with you!

They either are one of the few who are blessed with great genetics, or they have figured out that you don’t have to starve yourself and exercise for hours to get great results.

In fact, if you do either of those things, you are actually hurting your chances of getting the results that you seek.

The great news is…


Sure, a lot of people say they are going to turn over a new leaf each year and get in shape. However, many of them end up heavier and more out of shape than they were when they started.

But there is one huge difference: They didn’t have access to the secrets that you do!

In our New Year, New You Challenge, you will use our proven formula combined with our training and nutrition to help you get the best results possible.  I’ve personally used this same formula to shed and keep off 95 pounds for the past 7 years.  Here is my personal transformation – What will your personal transformation look like?


You will be able to eat foods you enjoy, avoid starving yourself, and YES – still burn fat!

The workouts will be quick, efficient, and fun so that you get the biggest bang for your buck and won’t have to spend countless hours in the gym, or worse yet, on the treadmill!

So What’s the Simple Secret To Getting AND Staying Lean?

Before we tell you, it is important that you understand this:

Losing fat isn’t about doing things that others won’t or don’t. It is about knowing how to do it RIGHT!

The right way is always better than the hard way.

In fact, the right way makes it easier than ever.

First, you have to start with your nutrition, which is the most confusing part of the entire process.

There are hundreds, actually thousands, of different diets out there that all work… for a while.

However, none of them gives you the power to have long-term success like the nutrition plan you will get in the New Year, New You Challenge.

This nutrition plan will allow you to eat foods that are typically considered forbidden on a fat-loss diet—not to mention that we encourage you to eat a lot.

No more starvation!

All the restrictions and starvation tactics result in a diet that simply isn’t helping. Quite simply, when your brain figures out that you’re on a “diet” it quits wanting to cooperate because it can sense restriction coming.

This is why we have designed our Fat Loss Nutrition Manual for you to use during these 5 weeks and beyond. You can eat delicious, healthy foods that will help you burn more fat and build more muscle than ever before without giving up all of the foods that you love.  This is NOT a fad diet.  We teach and give you real life tools and skills to create sustainability and lasting change!  Say goodbye to the OLD you and say hello to the NEW you – you’ll never go back to the OLD you, once you learn our proven method for fat loss!

You have been working out wrong all this time!

The second secret to getting AND staying lean is your training program.

Sure, you can work out for several hours a day for a short period of time, and you might even get some results from it.

But soon enough, life gets in the way, and you can’t get to the gym as much as you used to. Then what happens? You gain all that weight back and then some and then you start getting depressed.

Also, when you work out a lot, you get hungrier, and when you pair that with a restricted calorie diet, it leads to disaster! You end up pushing yourself to the limit and then binge, eating everything in sight.

Our best clients and the ones who get and stay lean know that in just 3 short workouts each week, you can get amazing results and make training fit your lifestyle—not the other way around.

There is a formula to fat loss that we have figured out and we want to share it with you!

Using our results-proven formula, you can burn a lot of fat and build lean muscle, boosting your metabolism to turn your body into a lean fat burning machine.

AND, you can do it in just 3 workouts per week!

It’s Not Your Fault You Don’t Know These Secrets

In fact, most people don’t, and there is so much misleading and false information out there on fat loss that it is no wonder people are confused.

BUT in the New Year, New You Challenge, we will make it easy for you. You will get the workouts, training, nutrition, and accountability that you need to turn your body into a lean fat burning machine in just 5 weeks!

Here are some results from previous challenges and contests:

These People Learned the Secret!


*Mary lost 9 lbs and a total of 7.5 inches in just 4 weeks



*Jan lost 8 lbs and a total of 4.75 inches in just 4 weeks

Take a second to imagine how life would be different if…

  • You had more energy to do the things you wanted to do with your family and friends.
  • You demanded the respect of your coworkers, friends, and family because of your commitment to changing your health and life for the better.
  • Finally you felt great in your own skin and were happy to flaunt it!
  • You no longer sabotage yourself with poor food choices and eat to nourish yourself every meal!
  • You learned to have better self control and practiced mindfulness in eating..

The great news is that you can have all this and more if you choose to take part in our New Year, New You Challenge!

In the New Year, New You Challenge, you will get:

  • Coaching from our highly skilled coaches to ensure you get the most out of your time in the program
  • Results-proven nutrition plan and recipes that will make you wonder if you are on a fat-loss plan
  • Support and accountability to ensure that you are having success every step of the way
  • And Much, Much More!


  • 3 Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week for 5 weeks ($199 Value)
  • Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Manual ($99 Value)
  • Our Favorite Fat Loss Recipes ($49 Value)
  • Daily & Weekly Check Ins Via our Facebook Accountability Group and Email ($99 Value)
  • Your Own Personal Fat Loss Accountability Coach (Priceless)

For ONLY $159


  • 5 Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week – Unlimited Training ($299 Value)
  • Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Manual ($99 Value)
  • Our Favorite Fat Loss Recipes ($49 Value)
  • Daily & Weekly Check Ins Via our Facebook Accountability Group and Email ($99 Value)
  • Your Own Personal Fat Loss Accountability Coach (Priceless)

For ONLY $199


  • One Group Personal Training Session Added To Current Membership ($99 Value)
  • Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Manual ($99 Value)
  • Our Favorite Fat Loss Recipes ($49 Value)
  • Weekly Check Ins Via our Facebook Accountability Group ($99 Value)
  • Your Own Personal Fat Loss Accountability Coach (Priceless)

For ONLY $79

We believe in the power of lasting change through creating better habits and accountability and we believe in what our program can do for you!

Are you READY to make a CHANGE?
Are you SICK and TIRED of being stuck where you don’t belong?
Are you FED UP from always ending up back where you started?
Are you a positive RESULTS driven person?
Are you READY to put in the HARD WORK to make this CHANGE?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then this challenge is for YOU!! 

That’s right! You can get amazing results just like the hundreds of other clients who have taken part in our challenges. We will support you the entire way and give you all of the tools that you need to make this incredible change, all you need to do is meet us half way, show up to your workouts and commit to the meal plan and then wait patiently and watch the incredible changes take place!

We will be closing the doors to this challenge on Friday, January 20. So, hurry and register today!



Grab Your Spot In The New Year, New You Challenge Today!

Registration Closes on Friday, January 20th!


(707) 931-4443

P.S. – You can’t get this 5-week program with any other gym. There are some good programs out there, but NONE of them provides you with all the components to shed fat FAST and keep it off.

P.P.S. – Our last challenge had amazing results. We averaged over 10 lbs lost per participant! This system is proven to help you shed MORE fat; build more lean muscle; and get that lean, sexy body that you have always wanted.

P.P.P.S – These workouts and this nutrition program are the keys to your long-term success. It is time that you took charge of your life and got the body you have always wanted. In just 5 weeks, you could be turning heads and having everyone wonder what YOUR secret is…AND you could be well on your way to an entire NEW YOU that you didn’t even know existed before!

For As Little As $79, You Can Literally Change Your Life!


(707) 931-4443

Contest Rules:

  • Regardless of your membership status, you will be eligible for the grand prize.
  • All existing members who get non-members to participate will be entered for FREE!!
  • The challenge will begin on Monday 1/23/17 and run thru Friday 2/24/17.  The winner will be announced on Sat 2/25/17.
  • All contestants must check in to their coach at each visit to Hanna Boys Center and must complete  at minimum 3 boot camp training sessions per week.
  • All contestants must complete the information and liability forms.
  • All contestants must complete at least five (5) workouts per week in a combination of strength training, cardiovascular and boot camp training programs for maximum results.
  • Weights & Measurements must either be done during orientation, the kick off meeting, or in person with your coach; either before or after class, and during the first and last weeks of the challenge.  Please have a plan to arrive or stay 10-15 min later that day.
  • Before and after photos highly recommended and should be done in the same tight fitting outfit, i.e. swim suit, bra & panties, shorts & tank top, etc. – These photos are confidential and will only be for you and me if you choose to share them with me.  They will not be used without your permission. Photos are highly recommended to visually measure your progress; sometimes the scale is deceiving but pictures and measurements are a great way to see results.  You will be responsible for taking your own photos at home and please try to do them at the same time of the day, in the same outfit.
  • Journaling your food/exercise intake is required to win the grand prize and recommended as this can be a very effective tool in keeping you on track.  I will be checking your journals every Sunday, please send via email to!
  • The winner will be chosen based on their overall effort and participation to the challenge.  Some keys factors that will be considered are: Food journaling, Attendance, Participation in the FB coaching group, Compliance to Habit Catalyst, Camaraderie & Support to other campers, and Weights & Measurements.
  • No refunds are given after the registration fee is paid.